Rob Chapman Guitarist Musician Hypnotist Magician SInger Performer

Brilliant performer!
Best live performance I’ve ever seen in my town!

5 stars!

Tim Lord - Wem

One Man & His Guitar

Armed with my faithful 6 string and PA I aim to not just be a singer, but to be an entertainer.

Over the years of performing I have realised that there are two things that make for a good performance.


Passion and familiarity.

I bring both of these together with two hours of great music. Songs that everyone knows, so they can join in, sing along, dance and have the best of times.

With friendly banter and a whole lot of love (blatant Zeppelin Quote) I look forward to entertaining you and your guests.

Ideal for pubs, clubs, festivals, carnivals check out the current repertoire HERE.

To book or for enquiries click HERE.

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